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HNP Products


Provide connectivity Wireline(Fibre, Cuivre,...), Wireless (Wifi, Mesh Wifi, Wimax, ...) or Powerline (CPL).


Distribution of High speed internet access (xDSL, LS, Radio, ...) over multiservices infrastructure.


Provide telephony services in line with the needs functionals of Hospitality.

Video Surveillance

Provide video surveillance functions on classic infrastructure and converged IP.

Digital Signage

Offer multimedia display solution on IP converged infrastructure conference rooms, public space ...

IPTV & Distribution

Distribute TV content on conventional circuits and Multiservice IP infrastructure.


Providing a platform for the dissemination of video on demand integrated with Multiservice IP infrastructure.

Taxation Solutions

Provision for billing solution services for resale Hotspot Internet access.


Implementation solution sound, video projection, wall pictures, audiovisual and conferencing systems professional.


Implementation of solutions and platform protection of people, property, activity spaces, ... as well as employees and customers. The scope extends to both access control that intrusion detection and fire.

Automation Sites

Establishment of infrastructure and information processing systems technical fields (GTC, GTB, Building automation)..


Assist customers throughout the lifecycle of projects: sales, education, consulting, design, deployment & installation, project management, training, support & maintenance, outsourcing, ....


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