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Our Company

Hospitality Network Professional

Our Identity

HNP is the result of a merger between experts of new information technologies wishing to benefit the segment "Hospitality".
HNP is an integration and consulting firm specialized in the latest technology for the Hospitality industry. Generally we opt for an approach "Best-of-Breed" to bring technologies and services best suited to the context of each client.
With its workforce consisting up to 80% of highly skilled engineers. HNP aims to become the national standard for TIC projects in the hospitality industry.

Our Vision

Being the leading player in the segment "Hospitality". offering its customers the best in terms of Product offers and Services, Quality and Innovation while ensuring the profitability of the Company.

Our Philisophy

Rely on an ecosystem of technology partners. Reliable and Innovative in their field, in order to provide customers with a wide range of products and services.