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Welcome to Digital Comfort

Welcome to Digital Comfort

Digital Comfort is now considered as a sure competitive advantage, that push hotels to think about the interest and how to provide, among other services, interactive TV, video on demand, dynamic signage or access to high speed internet by a wired network or Wi-Fi.

The expectations of hotel guests is moving in this direction, and the level of quality of these services should be up to the standard of the hotel. Now it is no longer appropriate to limit entertainment services in the rooms with simple broadcasts of TV channels, as it is hardly more acceptable than business customers can not connect to the internet using his laptop wireless features, or his tablet, or even his smartphone.

The available offers of new hotel's technology is constantly evolving, which requires managers with a proactive monitoring solution that can mature to allow to increase the value of their services.

Through their expertise in new techniques specific to the hotel industry, the founders of HNP took the initiative to strengthen their positions as a specialized integrator by developing several referral programs for coaching and customer support.